Daily Life

Can you tell whose back this is?

It’s REO’s!
In September 2006, he had been bedridden because he developed a spinal cord injury.

But thanks to cure and care of staff,
REO could get up by himself one year
after developing the disorder.

He has recovered more and more,
and now he can move considerably.
This picture is resting REO grasping his favorite strap.

And he can walk on the floor like that.

His elbow has become good,
but it’s still hard to stretch his knee and hip joint,
so he uses a crutch gait when he walks.

He also can climb up through the fence and locomote by brachiation.
His arm power is strong now.

And he dose some rehabilitation activities.

This is a computer task using the touch panel attached a high position.
He has to stretch his arm to reach the target.

And if he gives a correct answer of the task, one treat fall down from the feeder.
But the feeder is a little far from the panel, so he needs to walk to get the treat.

So this rehabilitation gives him “arm stretch” and “practice to walk”.

This is another rehabilitation of arm stretch.

Before developing the disorder,he didn’t like humans.
But he has accepted some staff little by little through the human's care,
so it has been easy to communicate to REO and it’s possible to do rehabilitation with the staff.
It also has helped his recovery.

The staff check REO’s ear
as a health check and habituation training.

It’s an example of communication.

After this check,
he got a piece of sugarcane.

REO tries his best every day!
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