Daily Life

Dear PAL, Happy 11th birthday!

To celebrate, we planned her a birthday party.
This was the present for PAL.
A bitter gourd, a dragon fruit, a peach, a grapefruit and a passion fruit were in this box packed with shredded paper.

First, we opened the door a little and called PAL to come in.
But it was not easy for PAL to go through, because recently she put on weight.

She went through at last!
But a few minuites later …

PAN, PAL’s mother, did also, because her body size was not so different from PAL's.
And, PAN and PAL searched through the box.

First, a bitter gourd!

But they put it on the floor.
Next was…

A dragon fruit!

PAL got the two foods, but she seemed not to like them.
After that, they found a passion fruit and a peach, but PAN ate up the peach.

PAL continued to search.

Then, she found a grapefruit!

Of course PAN came to PAL and

stole it!

So, PAL had no choice but to bite the the bitter gourd (not to eat).

They seemed not to like passion fruit either (red one).

And PAL returned the dragon fruit to us! Were they not habituated to tropical fruit? But don’t worry, PUCHI, PAL’s grandmother, ate up the passion fruit and dragon fruit!

“Could you enjoy the party, PAL?” Happy birthday!

Finally, also this year, they left the room in quite a mass!
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