Daily Life

AKIRA brought some branches and grasses
planted in outdoor enclosures
to the platform of the chimpanzee tower.

There, he relaxed and ate them.

While eating, MARI came and sat next to him.

(Left: AKIRA Right: MARI)

After watching him…

she took one of his branches!

It was startling for me (and also AKIRA?)

MARI continued to eat the leaves as if nothing happened.

AKIRA continued eating leaves
but was looking away from MARI.

It seemed that he was uncomfortable.

But hedid not display and any anger at her.
Instead, he moved away,
bringing the remains of his grass.

Why did this happen?

Could this be a cause?

(Left: AYUMU Right: MARI)

Now, the hierarchy between AKIRA and AYUMU
is not clear .
AYUMU, who is getting stronger, and MARI
are very close,
so is MARI also stronger as a result???

It’s just a my guess.
We have to wait and see.
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