Daily Life

This is CHLOE. She has beautiful silver-hair! At this time,CHLOE relaxed on the big platform.

Then… Someone approached her.

And sat down next to CHLOE. This is PUCHI.
It looked like PUCHI wanted CHLOE to do grooming.(Left: PUCHIRight: CHLOE) It’s a rarity!

But CHLOE moved to the other platform.

After that, PUCHI approached her again and

sat down on the other corner of the platform.
What is this distance?!

And CHLOE used the rope and

went to down to atnother platform.
It’s clear that she kept away from PUCHI.

PUCHI didn’t give up
and walked towards CHLOE again.

But she sat farther.
“What was your initial motivation to approach?”
Today, I detected a touchy relationship between CHLOE and PUCHI.

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