Daily Life

On April 24th, AYUMU became 11 years old! Also this year, he received a present. Wow! What a beautiful present!

Of course, we held the birthday party for AYUMU.
We brought AI, AYUMU’s mother, and AYUMU in one room and we put the present in another room.

Finally, we opened the door attached between the two rooms little by little,so that only AYUMU could go to next room.

But here, it’s not difference of their body size.(Left: AI Right: AYUMU)

There were many fruits,
but we considered the calories,
so we decided to give only a melon and a mango.

While staff prepared the presents,
two were excited and walked around in the room.

After that,
AI sat and waited in the front of the door.

AYUMU tried to go ahead, but…

He enraged her.

AYUMU fell down↓↓
Although it was “AYUMU’s” birthday present…

We opened the door a little, but AI didn’t let AYUMU pass, so he couldn’t reach the presents.
Finally, AI went through the opening space and got both fruits.

AYUMU was able to get the small piece of the mango from her mother, but…

About the melon, he just only looked at and dreem.

We felt sorry for him, but we just said
“Happy birthday and we hope you will be fine every day, AYUMU!”

At the same time, AI gazed at the staff as if she wanted more foods.
“Good job of your nurturing until now, AI!”
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