Daily Life

On this day, we held the birthday party for PAL! The present was two high-quality oranges in a box.

We opened the door a little so that only PAL could go through to the next room. But she didn’t go quickly. PAN couldn’t wait and pushed PAL’s hip.

Finally, PAN went through first and got the present. After that, PAL also went through immediately, but she couldn’t get oranges

PAN enjoyed the fruits So, what did PAL do?

She was looking at the photo of when she was young. “PAL, you are thinking of old memories, aren’t you?”

…She ripped it, so might be not.

PAN was in a very good mood after eating oranges! She tore the box and made her bed of shredded paper that was in it. “PAN, please put the pieces of paper into this.” The staff gave a plastic bag to PAN, but she began to play with it. And,

at the same time, PAL got a brush,

but PAN seized it.

Then, let’s do cleaning! “Scrub, scrub.”

“Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub…”

And then, she found a duster.

She wrung it dry,

and let’s do cleaning again! “Wipe, wipe, wipe…” Then, what did PAL do?

PAL might like the cloth wrapping of the oranges.

PAL made her bed of the paper and played with the cloth for a long time.

The hyper PAN and PAL also played with each other. PAN put her hip on PAL’s head!! After play…

PAN lay down and relaxed on her bed. She enjoyed the party more than PAL, I guess. “PAN, you did a good job for ten years! And happy birthday, PAL!”

After the party, they left the room messy. But it was an enjoyable party!
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