Daily Life

It was a hot day, and CLEO reached for and touched something under the platform.

And then, she undid the knot of the rope! The knot should have been hard in order not to be untied by chimpanzees… But their skill and power of fingers were superior at that time.

After that, CLEO went away. The next visitor was the tomboy, PAL.

She pulled the end of the rope,

and played with hitting it for some time.

Next…she might have realized something.

“If I pull that side…!”

At the end, she took the rope off the log completely.

She bit and bit the removed rope, so it was like noodles…

Moreover, she tore it,

and bound herself. “Be careful, PAL!”

“Did you enjoy the prank enough?” Because of this incident, the rope might be tied more firmly at the next day. August 2009
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