Daily Life

On 24th April, AYUMU turned 10 years old!! He is grewing up!

Then, it was his birthday party!! AYUMU and AI, his mother,waited looking at the present in the next room. (front: AYUMU back: AI) What was the present…?

A small box. There were two high-quality dekopons (a kind of oranges) in it.

We opened the door a little so that AYUMU could go through to the next room. But AI wouldn’t move in front of the door and tried to get the present. So AYUMU couldn’t reach it.

“Please,” AI looked at the staff. AYUMU only waited…

Then, Dr. Tomonaga called AI. She moved. Finally, AYUMU could pass through the door…

He got the dekopons!

But soon, AI also got through the opening by force. Her will was very admirable…

But AYUMU took all of the dekopons and went back in to the next room again. AI seemed to give up.

AYUMU appeared happy.

On the other hand, AI seemed unhappy.

After that, we opened the door completely. AI rushed toward AYUMU.

Then, she got some peels. She ate them.
Peels of high-quality dekopon are also delicious!! We discovered this new thing at the party.
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