Daily Life

After PAN and PAL finished there tasks, a big watermelon was put in the next room. Yes, PAL became nine years old on 9th August! We had a birthday party for her. *The inside of the watermelon was scooped out so that she could not eat too much.

We opened the door a little so that only PAL could get into the room. (Just like AYUMU’s and CLEO’s birthday.) As we thought, PAL hesitated to go into the next room by herself. But PAN pushed her into the room.

Muster up… go!

She got it!

But PAN also managed to came in the room and took the present away from PAL. So, what happened to PAL?

Good, she kept a small one.

She ate it up,
and begged PAN for some more.
PAN gave a tiny piece to PAL.
A minute later, PAL started to play with skin.
She took a piece in her mouth,
and gave it to me. “…Thank you.”
She also threw others to next room.
After a while, PAN went away from the watermelon.
PAL finally got the big one! All right!
…She began to play with it.
Push, push!
Puuuush! "You don't have to act like that …"
And she threw it to the next room,
and anothe one for me. Happy birthday, PAL!
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