Daily Life

It's AI. " I'll study hard today! "

But on this day, a health check was scheduled before study. Prof.Matsuzawa weighed hers, and rubbed her body with a towel.

Next was taking her tempreture. This is the photo when he was taking tempreture of her lower nose.

And check the teeth. Were there no bad teeth ?

Next was AYUMU, nive-year-old AI's son.

He junped on the scale.

He also have become "adult" step by step.

Final one is AKIRA, AYUMU's father. Prof. Matsuzawa weighed him and gazed the meter... " Uh-oh. This is wrong... " It seemed that the scale broke down.

Let's change the mood ! Pro. Matsuzawa cleaned his body,

and a play began.

Finally, AKIRA was lifted up on Matsuzawa's back ! This is a play AKIRA likes. This day, AKIRA had looked happy.
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