Daily Life

On 24th April, AYUMU reached 9 years of age! The next day, a big watermelon was presented as a present for him. *The inside flesh of a watermelon was scooped out to prevent overeating.

First, he watched out the big ball and only touched it a little.

After a few moments, he held up it!

But he immediately gave it to his mother, AI waiting in the next room !? AI dived in.

AYUMU got the small cap.

AI's face had looked in perfect happiness.

AYUMU had been happy too!

...It's hardly possible that for him with only the small cap. AYUMU had begged for some pieces from AI. She ate the red part,

and gave him the skin. Hmm...she is wise (?)

They finished up at last,

And they threshed their arms and legs like human kids. "That was delicious!"

After that, they played with the staffs. This year, it's like AI's birthday not AYUMU's, but the two were looked in preasure.

Good work of child rearing for 9 years, AI ! Happy birthday, AYUMU !
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