Daily Life

Here, I'll show AKIRA in a feeding time (left : AKIRA right : AYUMU)

At first, we check there health state. We instruct them to show us some parts of their bodies. In the right pcture, AKIRA showed inside of his mouth to the staff.

After the check, the dinner he have been waiting for, finally began! A banana came first♪

The next, he got vegetables. Appearanty he didn't like them.

When AKIRA got a leek,

he peeled off skin of leek.

He is good at doing that.

Then, it was time for dry biscuit. AKIRA ate them one by one slowly.

The last was a piece of yam. "I was satisfied!"

Useually, other chimpanzees eat up every food but not AKIRA. He had gone away, there were many leftovers on the place.

And... PENDESA came.

She hunted out leftovers,

and gripped some of them.

PENDESA went in a room to eat them quitely. In this way, there were no leftovers anymore...
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