Daily Life

It's REIKO. She was eating fallen leaves.

Then, AKIRA came down from the upper floor.

He sat near REIKO, and stared at her. (right : AKIRA left : REIKO)

But REIKO went away.

After a while, he started on saying "bzzzz...bzzzz..." by spittle. It's a sign that he is dissatisfied.

But REIKO didn't mind that.

In the end, he started a display. Who did he go for ?

Of course REIKO. (right : AKIRA left : REIKO)

She screamed. Is it the start of a fight ?!

...AKIRA began to groom REIKO. Some time ago, it seemed that he had wanted to groom.

AKIRA seemed to be satisfied. REIKO seemed to feel a little relieved .

After a while, PENDESA came and started to groom with AKIRA.

REIKO went away,

and lay down looking at PEN and AKIRA.

"Hhh... It's a nice weather today."
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