Daily Life

AYUMU is now 8 years old. He sits on the scales by teacher's indication. He weighs over 40kg, and become more manly today.

As Mr.MATSUZAWA points his nose, AYUMU touches teacher's,

and next, points his own. It goes very smoothly.

Then, it is play time. AYUMU moves dynamically using iron bars on the ceiling. He looks happy.

AYUMU and Mr.MATSUZAWA pat each other by hands.

They takes a break. AYUMU chew on teacher's hand. He wants to play more. ayumu6

AYUMU has grown up and became strong.

AI comes in, and AYUMU gazes at her. Maybe he is interested in something in the bowl she has.

Then, AI and AYUMU starts playing. AI puts her arms around AYUMU's left arm.

AYUMU can't stop his mother. But he seems to enjoy it so much. ayumu
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