CHLOE seems eager to groom AYUMU today.

CHLOE is lip-smacking while grooming AYUMU.
But AYUMU doesn't react, he's just sitting haughtily.

Although AKIRA is sitting close to them,
CHLOE ignores AKIRA and continues to groom AYUMU.

Now, AI comes near them, too.
CHLOE pays some attention to AI's presence,
But she still persists in grooming AYUMU.

AKIRA now starts to groom AI.
and CHLOE is still sticking in with AYUMU.

Here comes PENDENSER.

PENDENSER tries to tempt AYUMU to play with her.

But AYUMU isn't in the mood for having fun with PENDENSER so he gets angry with her.

AYUMU and PENDENSER start to fight seriously.
Even if PENDENSER just wants to play with him....

After the fight, AYUMU makes up with PENDENSER and starts to groom her.

Then PENDENSER comes close to CHLOE,

asking to be groomed by CHLOE

Here comes AYUMU again!

This time CHLOE prefers to keep hers distance from them.
Some political maneuvering seems to be going on, but the meaning remains quite obscure for us...

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