Today the ceiling in the south-playroom
is decorated with watermelon's rinds.

Because, you know,
today is PAL's 6th birthday!!!

In addition to the watermelon's rinds,
pieces of watermelon have been hidden,
one in the box, and another one in the plastic bag.
Big leaves are also available for today's party.

PAN and PAL enter into the room.

PAN can't stop uttering vocalizations
expressing her great delight.

First, PAN goes straight to the box and ...
please jump into the PAN's page to read PAN's sequel story.

But today's star is PAL.
How is PAL doing?

"What's that??"

Her face becomes tense when she discovers the strange watermelon's rinds hanging from the ceiling.

We thought PAL would rush to eagerly bit into the watermelon.
But no, she starts to make a nest before everything.

After that, she taps the plastic bag cautiously, then slowly opens it and at last gets the piece of watermelon.

But she seems to feel uneasy about
the rinds hanging from the ceiling.

Bravely, she approaches to the strange rind.

Is this safe?

She checks over it touching softly.

It looks like a normal watermelon, isn't it?

After having eaten enough,
she starts making a nest again....

taking a rest for a while.

Then, she begins to play.

First, she plunges her head into the box...

and rubs the rind against the floor.

But this box really seems to be her favorite toy!.

She tries to go through the box...

No way!!

Then charges at our camera:
"mind your back!!"

" I love birthday's parties!!"

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