We get some sunshine in the long rainy season.

How is MARI doing today?

At the hottest daytime,

she is taking a nap.

This is a collective nap!


During adults' rest,
children are playing around the dome.
Honey-fishing will start soon....

MARI comes down near the dome.
Maybe she wants to join honey-fishing today.

It doesn't seem to start yet.

PAL comes to check
what is going on inside the dome.

Then PAL goes back to play with COO again.

MARI continues to wait,
keeping the best position.

What time are you going to open?

AKIRA is waiting for honey-fishing, too.

Now, honey is setted up!!

MARI tries to lick honey as soon as possible.
But you don't have any tool, do you?

AYUMU comes and starts honey-fishing.

PAL comes too...
MARI's best position
is being occupied gradually.

Here comes AKIRA.
MARI greets him politely.

But this social intermission costs her the place.
AYUMU is now completely occupying it.

AKIRA keeps another position.

"I was on the line....."

MARI can't do anything except gazing with eager

AYUMU enjoying honey fishing

"I was on the line before anyone else!!"

She gives up honey-fishing and goes back to her nap.

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