Today, REIKO doesn't look as usual.

Indeed, she returns to "REO group" after a long separation.
She seems to be relaxed, because she is the dominant female in this group.
"The Empress REIKO"

She is grooming with GON.
"How have you been?"

Then REO who is REIKO's son, comes to greet REIKO.

"Mom!! "
"I've been watching you everyday."

PUCHI approaches too.
Usually, when REIKO and PUCHI are together in AKIRA's group, they just keep seeing each other, but here, in REO's group (actually we should rather call it "REIKO's group")....

PUCHI knows she should better make a good relationship here.

"Step forward."

PUCHI rarely grooms with REIKO in AKIRA's group.

"Don't pinch my mouth so storong!..."

PUCHI grooms REIKO eagerly.

REO feels stronger with the presence of REIKO and
his display is getting passionate.

Fuu fuu fuu fuu.....

"Please don't display so hard!!
And don't come in my direction!!!"

PUCHI knows she is disadvantaged today.

Fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu

"Let's rush off!!!"

It was the day of the Empress REIKO.

Shall you go back to AKIRA's group?

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