Who are you with this shawl?



She looks like someone
just going out of a bath with her towel.


COO who REIKO's favorite kid, comes to see what's going on.

"What's this white thing?"

As answer, REIKO tickles COO,
they really seems to enjoy playing together.

Then COO manages to take the cloth from REIKO.....

she moves unsteady coverd her head with the cloth.

"I can't see anything."

REIKO attracts COO again with "a special REIKO" hunging-up-side-down.

COO swings behind REIKO wrapped in the cloth.

REIKO catches COO!!

Now, REIKO is having a rest,
but something wrong will happen......

AYUMU comes and kicks her!!

"Stop it!"

She really seems to be annoyed with him.

"Go far away!!!"

"Won't he ever let me quiet? ", she sighs.....

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