What are you trying to pull, PAL?

Today, PAL's targets are PUCHI and MARI.
They are quietly grooming each other.

For a while, PUCHI and MARI try to
ignore PAL's disturbance, but......

"Our nerves will crack!!"

They stand up and get angry with PAL.

"Stop it!"

After that, they think to be able to continue
their peaceful grooming
but PAL doesn't seem to give up the struggle.

PAL starts her game again.
She sneaks up behind them.....

.... climbs up the tower in one stretch......

and slaps PUCHI on the back!!

As expected, PUCHI is furious with PAL.

PUCHI chases PAL who is runnninng away swiftly.

MARI just keeps her from reacting
and observes PUCHI:
"Take it easy..."

PUCHI approaches PAL!!

She moves fast for her age.

Finally, PUCHI catches PAL and gives a punishment.


PAL screams with a strident voice.

Meanwhile, PAN pretends to be
unaware of her daughter's S.O.S.
She seems to make conversation with POPO.

"Your daughter raises a trouble again."
"I know. But she is she."

When PAL is complaining alone,
PENDENSER is only chimp
who considerate towards her misfortune.

"Are you O.K?"

PAL is tomboy, but in this kind of situation,
the best solution to be cheered up is
her mother's breast.

She looks weary.

Do you think about yourself, PAL?

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