This is 3-D picture of dinosaur.

How will respond the three kids
to this frightening animal?

Let's try.

First, we tried with AYUMU.

Usually, he is not so brave,
so we thought he would run awy from the dinosaur...
but he's gazing it.

"What's this?"

He kisses the dinosaur.

Then he copies dinosaur's face opening his mouth.

Next....is COO's turn.

She seems to be a little bit nervous.

But unexpectedly she doesn't care so much.

"Is there any food inside of it?"

But she backs away
when it is moved closer to her.


The third trial is with PAL.
She is usually curious and audacious.

"What are you going to take out from the basket?"


Her face changed discovering the dinosaur.

"I should run away. "

She is staring it keeping away.

After a while, she realizes it's not moving at all and approaches bristling up her hair and finally hits it.

"Ah-!! Is that all? I was really surprised!!"

After that, she starts playing, laughing
and seems to have forgotten about the dinosaur.

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