COO is just lying when a playful AKIRA arrives.....

COO tries to pull his leg to start playing.

AKIRAhas left the place.

" I wanted to play with him....."

Where is AKIRA?

COO looks for him.

At that time,
AKIRA is playing a tug of war with ........

COO finds them and joins them.

AKIRA sounds really cheerful.

PAL seems to enjoy too.

And the bottom is COO.

Then now AYUMU comes.

"I want to plunge into the fray!!"

Playing, playing..... but.....

Now AKIRA seems to start chasing.

The youngsters run away.

Is there anyone behind this bush?

After AKIRA has left,
COO appeared from the bush.

"I'm here!!"

AKIRA played well today.

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