Basking in the sun

Daily Life

Today was good to bask in the sun.
Ai and Akira went up to the top of the tower where it is warm and sunny.
They are always sitting in this pose.

This is Cleo!
Her face has been changing recently and she becomes darker and blacker, so I think she resembles her mother, whose name is Chloe.

Gon is now old. She basked in the sun too.
Among them was a very good, peaceful atmosphere.
Probably, he was also pleasant.

As I have observed them, standing way above ground level, some chimpanzees were resting beneath me.
Everyone looked up to me when I called them.
This one is Pendesa!
It seemed she was dazzled, but she looked up to me.
Thanks you Pendesa!!

This is Ayum.
He acted strange, so I thought his face was like asking:  “Why do you call me?”.

Then finally, this is Mari.
This is her best photo!
She turned her very expressive face towards me when I shouted “Mariiiiiii”.
Sorry I said - it seems that you are so dazzled! She is – I think, so cute :)

Chimpanzees don’t like to stay outside in winter because it’s so cold. Today, however, the weather was unusually good, so they enjoyed the sun all day.
This was a good day today! Chimpanzees couldn’t use the outside enclosures because they were under construction. Their East-side room anyway, was already finished in January, so they could go outside in there. I was convinced that they were very happy to use their newly renovated East-side room.
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