Cherry blossoms

Daily Life

Spring has arrived in Inuyama. The cherry blossoms were at their best this week and the weather was also good.
Chimpanzees could see beautiful cherry blossoms from their outdoor enclosures.
Ai and Akira match well here on these two pictures.

Almost all chimpanzees basked in the sun. However Ayumu was restless, he walked up and down in the tower. He wanted to play with someone. He asked Pendesa to play or groom with but she ignored him. That was a pity!

It seemed that Mari was also sleepy. Shortly she lied down and dosed away.

Reiko doesn't like to be outside in winter, but this week she came to stay since the warm spring finally arrived.

Cherry blossoms and Chimpanzees are good match, so cute. The long awaited nice season has returned.
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