Matsuzawa Welcomes Michael Stevens

Professor Tetsuo Matsuzawa got interviewed for a YouTube Premium science documentary program called "Mind Field," which is hosted by educator Mr Michael Stevens, known for his another YouTube channel VSauce. Stevens and his Mind Field team visited the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University and filmed our research project guided by its principal investigator, Matsuzawa, for three days. We are thrilled and honoured to be featured as one of their first time filming outside North America. We hope that this documentary will get a range of people interested in our project. Please refer to the detailed explanation, including its release date, given in the following site: http://www.vsauce.com/. Have fun!

Mind Field team with chimpanzee Ai (Photo taken by Professor Matsuzawa)
Professor Matsuzawa talking with Mr Michael Stevens (Photo provided by Raymond Terhune/Kyoto University)