The Mind of the Chimpanzee

The mind of the chimpanzee
Ecological and experimental perspectives
Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf, Stephen R. Ross, and Tetsuro Matsuzawa (Eds.)
The mind of the chimpanzee:
Ecological and experimental perspectives

Publication Date: August 2010
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226492797

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Table of contents

  • Foreword Jane Goodall
  • Acknowledgments
  • The Chimpanzee Mind: Bridging Fieldwork and Laboratory Work Tetsuro Matsuzawa
  • Part I. Cognitive Mechanisms
  • Early Social Cognition in Chimpanzees Masako Myowa-Yamakoshi
  • Using an Object Manipulation Task as a Scale for Comparing Cognitive Development in Chimpanzees and Humans Misato Hayashi
  • Do the Chimpanzee Eyes Have It? Masaki Tomonaga
  • Understanding the Expression and Classification of Chimpanzee Facial ExpressionsLisa A. Parr
  • Behavioral and Brain Asymmetries in ChimpanzeesWilliam D. Hopkins, Jared Taglialatela, David A. Leavens, Jamie L. Russell, and Steven J. Schapiro
  • Trapping the Minds of Apes: Causal Knowledge and Inferential Reasoning about Object-Object InteractionsJosep Call
  • Part II. Tool Use and Culture
  • A Coming of Age for Cultural PanthropologyAndrew Whiten
  • The Cultural Mind of Chimpanzees: How Social Tolerance Can Shape the Transmission of CultureVictoria Horner
  • How Are Army Ants Shedding New Light on Culture in Chimpanzees?Tatyana Humle
  • The Complexity of Chimpanzee Tool-Use BehaviorsCrickette M. Sanz and David B. Morgan
  • Tools, Traditions, and Technologies: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Chimpanzee Nut CrackingDora Biro, Susana Carvalho, and Tetsuro Matsuzawa
  • Ubiquity of Culture and Possible Social Inheritance of Sociality among Wild ChimpanzeesMichio Nakamura
  • New Theaters of Conflict in the Animal Culture Wars: Recent Findings from ChimpanzeesW. C. McGrew
  • Part III. Social Minds: Ecological Perspectives
  • Chimpanzee Minds in NatureJohn C. Mitani, Sylvia J. Amsler, and Marissa E. Sobolewski
  • Vocal Communication in ChimpanzeesKatie Slocombe and Klaus Zuberbuhler
  • The Function and Cognitive Underpinnings of Post-Conflict Affiliation in Wild ChimpanzeesRoman M. Wittig
  • The Role of Intelligence in Group Hunting: Are Chimpanzees Different from Other Social Predators?Ian C. Gilby and Richard C. Connor
  • Part IV. Social Minds: Empirical Perspectives
  • Chimpanzee Social CognitionMichael Tomasello and Josep Call
  • Intentional Communication and Comprehension of the Partner’s Role in Experimental Cooperative TasksSatoshi Hirata, Naruki Morimura, and Koki Fuwa
  • Collaboration and Helping in ChimpanzeesAlicia P. Melis, Felix Warneken, and Brian Hare
  • Inequity and Prosocial Behavior in ChimpanzeesSarah F. Brosnan
  • The Need for a Bottom-Up Approach to Chimpanzee CognitionFrans B. M. de Waal
  • Part V. Ethics, Care, and Conservation
  • How Cognitive Studies Help Shape Our Obligation for the Ethical Care of ChimpanzeesStephen R. Ross
  • Positive Reinforcement Training, Social Learning, and Chimpanzee WelfareJaine E. Perlman, Victoria Horner, Mollie A. Bloomsmith, Susan P. Lambeth, and Steven J. Schapiro
  • Chimpanzee Orphans: Sanctuaries, Reintroduction, and CognitionBenjamin B. Beck
  • Human-Chimpanzee Competition and Conflict in Africa: A Case Study of Coexistence in Bossou, Republic of GuineaKimberley J. Hockings
  • Chimpanzee Mind, Behavior, and ConservationElizabeth V. Lonsdorf
  • Afterword: Meanings of Chimpanzee Mind Richard Wrangham
  • Appendix: Major Chimpanzee Research Sites