1966 - 2017

Puchi passed away on May 16, 2017.

Photo: Dearly Departed
Puchi cuddling her daughter, Pico (2003-2005)
We hope that they will be reunited in the hereafter, rest in peace. (Photo taken on September 4, 2004)

Puchi. She was cute when she was a child, and was nicknamed after the French word "Petit", which means "cute" or "pretty" as well as "small" in French.
Place of birth
West Africa
Date of arrival at the institute
January 30th, 1979
She was kept for 12 years in an ordinary human family. She had arrived to PRI on the same day with Gon.
She is the biological mother of POPO and PAN, who were born through artificial insemination and were raised by human care takers.
But she raised PICO, her third infant by herself.

Wide head with a relatively small jaw. Big ears.