His name has the 'R' of his mother Reiko.
Date of birth
18 May 1982
Place of birth
Here at the Institute
He is the second chimp here born through artificial insemination.
Mother is REIKO, father is GON.
He was reared by mother.

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This is his heredity !
His most attractive feature

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September 2011

Can you tell whose back this is? It’s REO’s! In September 2006, he had been bedridden because he developed a spinal cord injury.

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June 2006

Then REO who is REIKO's son, comes to greet REIKO. "Mom!! " "I've been watching you everyday."

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September 2005

Recently, he frequently tries to groom PUCHI. Though PUCHI does not care about him, he eagerly continues grooming her.

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Reo at the age of 19, with his daughter Cleo
Reo at the age of 23
Reo at the age of 24

Reo at the age of 26
Reo at the age of 29

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