Daily Life

These chimps are CHLOE (Left) and CLEO (Right).
They were excited looking at the next booth.

there was a whole watermelon!
That day, we held a birthday party for CLEO!

We opened the door a little so that CLEO could go through.
She went to the next booth and got her big present. How about CHLOE…?

She couldn’t go. Was it because of her big stomach?

So CLEO could eat the watermelon at her own leisure!

...Nothing comes easy between this mother and daughter pair.
CHLOE went through the door forcibly and forced CLEO to give it to her. CLEO resisted against her pressure,

Of course CLEO couldn’t keep her present. (front: CLEO back: CHLOE)

Well well.

CHLOE ate most of the watermelon herself.

CLEO could get a small bit of rind, but it did not include any sweet and juicy parts. Hmm...

By the way, happy birthday, CLEO!
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