Daily Life

That day was CLEO's birthday party! She became ten years old. There was a pair of paper cup in the booth, which was smaller than AYUMU's. There were two Japanese medlars in the cup.

They were waiting. (left: CHLOE right: CLEO) The door was opened a little so that only CREO could go through.


CLEO got two fruits.

After several minutes, her mother, CHLOE also came. Oh! CLEO was in a crisis!

She tried to defend,

and ate the fruits quickly.

CHLOE (left) was playing with the red ribbon which was attached to the cup. ...Are you crying, CHLOE?

After that, CLEO started to play with cups and the seeds of the furuits. She put the seeds into the cup,

put the two cups face to face,

put the one cup on the other cup,

put seeds into the cup, and keep going.

After playing,

she gave the cups back to us.

And she also gave the seeds in her mouth to us. CLEO, happy birthday!

By the way, CHLOE got some peanuts. You also did a good job in this ten years, CHLOE!
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