Daily Life

This day, a big watermelon was put in the next room after CHLOE's and CLEO's studies

"Could it be...?" Yes, it's a present for CLEO on her 9th birthday ! We opened the door a little so that only CLEO was able to go to the room (Like the situation when AYUMU got his.) *The inside of the watermelon was scooped out to prevent her from overeating.

For a while, CHLOE, CLEO's mother, tried to go through the tiny opening. CLEO wasn’t able to reach the big present not only because of CHLOE but of fear of going to next room by herself.

At last…!

CLEO got it! Good for her.

On the other hand, CHLOE… was thinking what she could do?

CLEO took off the lid and began to eat it. And CHLOE was still worked hard to get in the room.

Then, CLEO came close to her mother with the piece. CHLOE reached for it.

CLEO handed it to CHLOE! It's very kind of you, CLEO!

Thanks to CLEO, CHLOE was finally able to eat the watermelon.

…But it was hardly possible that CHLOE was satisfied.

After all, CHLOE managed to come in the room,

and dived in the watermelon!

She got the big one too. Anymore, CLEO wasn’t able to eat her present.

CHLOE gave a little of a small piece to her daughter, but she kept the big one.

But seemingly it was just too much.

CHLOE stopped eating it even through it still had tasty part.

CLEO got it back again! CHLOE lay down.

Prehaps her stomach had been already full then.

After a while, CLEO began to play with the leftover. Maybe she also appeard to get enough.

Happy birthday, CLEO!
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