COO turned 6years old on June 19th, 2006.
She receives a small glockenspiel
as her birthday present,
but she seems to be confused
"What is this??"

COO tries to play the glockenspiel, but....

"It's not edible!"

She leaves it behind.

So we prepare her another present.

"What is that??"
Yet, she is too scared to reach the new present alone...there shows up.....

"Clear my way, I'll go ahead and check it out."

Even thought the slide door is open just wide
enough for COO, CHOLOE squeezes herself
out to reach it.

COO follows her mother.

"What is it? What is it?"

Munch much..

It's a watermelon.

"I'd keep it for you", and CHLOE runs away

"There isn't another???"

"HELLO!? Where is mine?"

"Is it good?"

COO looks in to see CHLOE's watermelon.

"Of course, it's good.
" We know that it's COO's birthday today,
but we should show CHLOE appreciation
for her raising COO.

There COO comes back.
CHLOE gives COO a watermelon rind.
What a generous move!
Well, it is just a rind....


COO enjoys as much of the watermelon rind as possible.

*We gave COO another watermelon afterward.....a whole watermelon!

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