COO and PAL are playing.

Even they are girls, their play is very rough.

PAL starts to run.
Their play switches to a chase game.

Then COO escapes from PAL and crawls up
on the top of the tower.

The pursuer doesn't follow anymore.

It seems that game is over.

After that, COO goes up to her mother
and tries to suck.

She is almost 6 years old, you know......

After a moment,
CHLOE tries to tear COO away from her breast.

"I'm not just a "cash cow" mother, you know."

CHLOE tickles COO
to make her forget about sucking.

"Mom!!! Stop it! Stop it!!"

" Mom.....after all you won't let me suck again, don't you?"

CHLOE and COO continue
to fight over CHLOE's breast.

Then PENDENSER closes to them.

"Hey CHLOE, Why don't you groom me?"

PEN's arrival is good way for CHLOE.

COO is left behind.....

But finally she joins them.

Time is coming for COO to behave like an adult!

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