That day, a buoy was set up in the outdoor
to enrichthe compound setting.

The first brave chimp to approach is AYUMU.
He is staring it timidly.

The next chimp has silver back is .....yes, CHLOE!!
She likes this kind of toy.

She bounces it on her hands.

Then AYUMU comes back.

He seems to like this buoy too.

"I don't know what it is, but I like it!!"

Then someone's foot is coming.

Someone trying to kick it ...It's....

yes, COO!!

At first she seems really suspicious about the buoy.

She is observing it gingerly.

"Who are you...?"

AYUMU comes back again.
He completely likes it.

Gradually, COO's behavior become fearless.

"Let's play football!!"

She swings with the buoy.

Finally COO touches it by her hand.
She courageous girl.

AYUMU and COO start playing together.

AYUMU has adopted it!!

He looks impressed

"What a wonderful invention!!"


"I love this!!"

After everyone has gone,
MARI comes to inspect the strange ball.

"I see ....is that all?
I'm not interested, thank you."

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