Regular daily event

Daily Life

At the warm day, chimpanzees relaxed in the outdoor enclosure. Here, Reiko lay down on the hemp suck which she likes.

Mari stretched her body in the sun.

On the other hand, Akira napped being curled up.

In the case of Ayumu, he rested on the narrow bar!

And Ayumu’s mother, Ai, gave a great yawn. They relaxed each mood like that.

But only Pal was walking around. “Are there something interesting…?”

After a moment, all members began to be restless, because…

It was lunch time!! Ai(left) and Ayumu(right) ate bananas together.

After lunch, they were presented unusual desserts(or foods) herbs, at this day. Pal got handful of there.

Reiko took and enjoyed herbs to favorite spot, of course, with hemp cloth.

Ai also looks so happy!!
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