Happy birthday, Ayumu!

Daily Life

April 24th is Ayumu's birthday! A big melon was presented to Ayumu.

So, we held his birthday party. While preparing the party, Ai stayed in front of the door, but Ayumu did not come close to the door.

When the door was opened, Ai made a dash at the gift.

Ayumu caught up with Ai, but Ai strongly grasped the box. (left: Ai, right:Ayumu )

Ai opened the box and she held the melon with both hands. She began to eat it!!!

Pitiful Ayumu just only looked at his mother eating.

Ayumu tried to eat the melon, but Ai did not give it to his son.

After all, Ai ate almost all of the melon Ayumu began to bite a bench. ( left: Ayumu, right: Ai )

Ai became full, and Ayumu ate peel of the melon. “Sorry, Ayumu. Happy birthday! We sincerely hope you keep stating fine!”
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