Popo's birthday

Daily Life

March 7th was Popo's birthday.

We held her birthday party. The day was close to the Doll Festival, so we made “doll cake.”

Popo ate strawberry-tree first with food grunt.

She also ate all rice in the bamboo cylinder.

She finished the dolls in a moment.

Next she reached vegetables and fruits slung from the ceiling.

She dedicated to take vegetables and fruits like this.

Now that we look carefully, she ate only fruits but left vegetables.

When Popo ate most part of foods, Puchi joined in the party.

And Gon followed Puchi and joined in it.

Popo kept eating not to be outdone by Puchi and Gon.

At the end, Popo enjoyed sweet fluid of fruits that soaked through flaxen cords. Did you enjoy, Popo?
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