Chimpanzee Cleo charging to chimpanzee stimuli on the screen

Chimpanzee Anecdote Series

Cleo, a 16-years-old young female chimpanzee showed charging display to chimpanzee pictures during the experiment. She was doing the computer tasks about chimpanzee body perception on a touch screen in the South Play Room in the morning on May 8th, 2017. Two stimuli of chimpanzee bodies appeared on the screen in the beginning of each trial. Cleo sat in front of the touch screen, started to do the task and enjoyed food rewards from correct choices as usual. However, after several trials, Cleo became excited right after seeing the chimpanzee pictures in this trial, and then showed charging display towards the two chimpanzees on the screen. Cleo was grown up in the Primate Research Institute with her mother Chloe, and many other social members in the group. She likes to show display behavior when she feels angry. This case was very interesting because she charged to two much smaller-sized chimpanzees on the screen, and they served as stimuli during the experiment (Observed and video-edited by Gao Jie).

Extra bonus her mother Chloe

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