Can you keep up these chimps?


In the year 2000, three chimpanzees gave birth to their infants at the Primate Resarch Institute of Kyoto University, in Japan. The three mother-infant pairs participate regularly in a cognitive task. Arabic numerals appear on a touch-screen and must be touched in ascending order to earn rewards. After completing the first cognitive task, a second task involving masking is introduced. After the participant touches the first number in the sequence, all the displayed numbers are replaced by squares. In this video clip you will first see a female chimpanzee called Cleo performing this second task, then a male chimpanzee, Ayumu, successfully completes it. Can you keep up? Have a go at this task yourself! Later in the video, a slow motion clip will let you check your answer to see whether you can be as skilled at this task as Ayumu.

[In Japanese]


2000年に京都大学霊長類研究所で生まれた子どもとその母親3組に、1から9の数字の順番を教えました。 彼らに、一瞬だけ表示された後マスキングされてしまった数字を小さい順番に触っていくコンピュータ課題を出すことで、瞬間的な記憶力を問いました。 この映像では、前半はクレオ、後半はアユムが課題を解いています。この速さについていけますか? 映像後半にスローモーションで映像が流れるので、そちらで答え合わせができます、どうぞ挑戦してみてください。