Ayumu gets a coin as reward!

Ayumu gets a coin as reward for answering a question on the computer screen!
16th Feb. 2001

On 16th Feb 2001, Ai was doing her usual experiment.
Suddenly her baby, Ayumu, reached out his left hand to touch the computer screen and answered the question.
His answer was correct!

1) First he touched the circle with his left hand. This was the start button.
A Japanese Kanji character meaning "Brown" appeared on the screen.
2) Then he touched the Kanji character.
Two colored squares, pink and brown, showed up in the upper half of the screen.
3) Ayumu chose the brown one of the two squares, climbing up the wall and stretching out his left hand.
4) He received a coin as a reward. He kept it until Ai finished the experimental session.