The Tokyo symposium 2007 by KUPRI “Evolutionary origins of humans and humanity”

The 40th anniversary of the Primate Research Institute founded in 1967 And the 60th anniversary of Primatology in Japan since 1948

Date: June 3rd, 2007, 14:00-17:30
Place: University of Tokyo, Yayoi Auditorium Ichijo Hall     
1 min walk from the nearest subway station: Todai-mae, Nanboku line

Speakers and topics

Tetsuro Matsuzawa (PRI, Kyoto University, Japan)
“Human origins: the unique way of giving births and raising children”

Jyuichi Yamagiwa (Department of Zoology, Kyoto University, Japan)
“Quest for evolution of human sociality through fieldwork on the great apes”

Frans de Waal (Emory University, USA)
“On the possibility of empathy in animals”

Gen Suwa (The UniversityMuseum, The University of Tokyo, Japan)
“A paleontological perspective to human origins”

Svante Paabo (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany)
“Human Origins: Comparatrive genomics of living and extinct primates”

Hosted by Primate Research Institute, KyotoUniversity
Co-organized by Primate Society Japan, HOPE project of KUPRI funded by JSPS, and GAIN (Great Apes Information Network)

For further information:
Hideki ENDO, endo@pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Naomi TAKUSHIMA takushima@pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Committee for the 40th years anniversary: 40-nen@pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Phone: 0568-63-0567,
fax: 0568-63-0085

There are the satellite symposia in Kyoto in June 1st and 2nd.
Please take a look at the following site: http://www.pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp