Jane Goodall Symposium

Toward a harmonious coexistence in our global society:
-Perspective of the Wildlife Research Center, Kyoto University-

Date: 11th of November 2007 on Sunday     
from 14:00 to 17:30 (from 13:00 for check in)

Place: Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall (Centennial Hall on Ground floor)

Organizers: Primate Research Institute, KyotoUniversity,
Jane Goodall Institute, Japan

Aims of the symposium:
First, to welcome Dr. Jane Goodall. Second, to celebrate the launching of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uto and the Section of Welfare and Longevity of the Primate Research Institute. Third, to present the perspective of the WildlifeResearchCenter, KyotoUniversity that will be founded in April 2008

Session 1
Current situation and future of humans and other animals

Sakiko Yoshikawa (KokoroResearchCenter, KyotoUniversity)  
Tetsuro Matsuzawa (Primate Research Institute, KyotoUniversity) '         
Coexistence of four genera of hominidae' and the role of zoos   
Gen'ichi Idani (Great Ape Research Institute, Hayashibara)          
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Uto   
Juichi Yamagiwa (Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University)         
Between gorillas and humans: The story of another ape   
Kozo Matsubayashi (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, KyotoUniversity)          
The nature of human aging viewed from field medicine   
Toshitaka Hidaka (Professor Emeritus of KyotoUniversity)

Session 2
Lecture by Jane Goodall
Opening remarks:
Kazuo Oike   
Princess Hisako Takamado   
Jane Goodall          
48 years with wild chimpanzees

We welcome anyone who wants to join this lecture. Registration is REQUIRED in advance by e-mail. Checking in will start at 13:00

For registration or questions, please contact: Administrative office, Primate Research Institute, KyotoUniversity
41 Kanrin, InuyamaCity, Aichi, Japan Tel: 0568-63-0512,
HP: http://www.pri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/