Dora Biro

15 Articles
Schofield D, Nagrani A, Zisserman A, Hayashi M, Matsuzawa T, Biro D, Carvalho S (2019) 
Chimpanzee face recognition from videos in the wild using deep learning

Science Advances

Carvalho S, Biro D, Cunha E, Hockings KJ. , McGrew WC. , Richmond BG. , Matsuzawa T (2012) 
Chimpanzee carrying behaviour and the origins of human bipedality

Current Biology, Volume 22, Issue 6, R180-R181

Hockings KJ. , Humle T, Anderson JR. , Biro D, Sousa C, Ohashi G, Matsuzawa T (2007) 
Chimpanzees share forbidden fruit.

PLoS ONE, 2(9): e886