Origins of a theory of mind.

Kiyobumi Kawakami, Fumito Kawakami, Masaki Tomonaga, Takeshi Kishimoto, Tetsuhiro Minami, Kiyoko Takai-Kawakami
DOI: 10.1016/j.infbeh.2011.01.001


Twenty-two pairs of typically developing toddlers (M = 24.32 months) and their mothers were observed in a play-room solving puzzles during 30 min. The target of the observations was hand-taking gesture. Researchers have thought that this gesture is rare among typically developing children and is more frequent among autistic children. Ten in 22 children showed this gesture in only 30 min. They should know “I can not do it by myself, but my mother can do it." When we can assume that children know others mental mechanism, it might be the origins of a theory of mind.


Toddlers, A hand-taking gesture, A theory of mind

Article Information
Kawakami K, Kawakami F, Tomonaga M, Kishimoto T, Minami T, Takai-Kawakami K(2011)Origins of a theory of mind. Infant Behavior & Development, 34, 264-269.